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Words what I has wrote

Apparently, grammar and post titles just do not mix. Who’da thunk it? Another depressingly quick post, although you can expect something altogether more outrageous come the weekend.

I’ve finished my TEFL Online course, and sit with baited breath by the letterbox each day, praying that my certificates drop and I can use them for… something. I’m also now certified at doings grammar good, thanks to a course what taughted me tenses and nouns and tranzertive verbs. Ha, see what I did there?

For those of you desperate to read a more something that took me a bit longer to write than this, then look no further than the following links:

First, there’s a review of Gray Matter for Brash Games. Which is here.

Then there’s a review of Bulletstorm, also for Brash Games, which is here.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed posting the links to my blog.

I really, really promise that I’m going to write something larger and more better-er over the weekend. Probably about the AV or the IPL. Or some other, third initialism.


Saturday, saturday, saaaaaturday

Just a quick round up of some internet words from this week.

There’s the final part of my four part series on why videogames haven’t grown up yet over on Den of Geek. You can read that here.

Then there’s my review of The Godless Boys by Naomi Wood, you can read that here.

Finally there’s My Life In Books on Libri Populus. You can read that, wait for it, here.

In the not too distant future, you can expect words about Bulletstorm (guns, men, dick), Iain Banks (wasps, flies, dogs), Grey Matter (not,played,yet) and another book review.

I’m also writing another book, or at least trying to. About 13000 words into a sort of first draft.

Busy fucking bees.