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Thursday, bloody Thursday

Last night we finished up the final part of our D&D campaign, which culminated in four intrepid heroes being fired out of a giant, exploding heart, landing in different parts of the world, covered in gore and unpleasantness. I was pleased with how everything went, especially the final set piece that saw the adventuring party travelling through the inner workings of the giant heart, slicing through sphincter doors, fighting pus-filled organ bags and wading through ankle deep viscera. Charming.

Next week, we’re taking our first steps into Deathwatch, a Warhammer 40,000 RPG, which I’m quietly excited about. Partly because it means I get to use my Space Marine voice, and partly because it means someone else is DMing, so I’ve got no prep work to do. Yay! It’s also the first time any of us will have played a none d20 system game, so it’s going to be a new experience. And those are good, right?

The second part of my series, Why Videogames Haven’t Grown Up Yet, went up over at Den of Geek today. It’s about drugs. Apparently drugs aren’t as popular as sex. Who know? You can read it here.

You can also read my review of Simon Brett’s Bones Under The Beach Hut, which is a terrible, terrible book. That’s here.


Kinecting The Dots

Hurrah for terrible puns!

Last night I had my first sustained “go” “on” Microsoft’s Kinect. It’s quite good, isn’t it?

I mean, from a technological point of view, the stuff that it can do is definitely a step in the right direction for motion control. The problem is, at the moment, that technology is being utilised for casual party games. Don’t get me wrong, the casual party games are all a lot of fun, and for the casual party situation I found myself in last night, they were more than adequate. The real test for Kinect is going to come when we start seeing titles with some real meat on their bones though.

When you’ve got a few beers in you and, to all intents and purposes, you’re just mucking about with some friends, then issues about lag and confusion over who’s who don’t really matter. It’s casual. It’s a party. If you’re playing on your own and the hardware fails through no fault of your own and you lose an hours worth of progress through a difficult game, that’s when things get annoying.

To summarise – so far, so good, but I’m yet to be amazed, and I like to be amazed.

Lax? Me?

This time, I really am going to try and update this blog as often as possible, even if it’s just telling you what I’ve been up to and posting up some links. Honest.

This week, I was accused of plagiarism for the first time, which I think counts as a milestone in any aspiring writer’s career. It wasn’t true, obviously, but it was still a bit of a kick in the chest that someone thought I would steal their words. I don’t want to get into detail, and I’m pretty sure it’s sorted out, but it’s still a bit of a shock to be accused of something that you didn’t, and would never, do.

Still, it’s all another step towards being a grown up I suppose.

Speaking of being a grown up, I sort of lost my job last week. At the very least I’ve had my wages halved, which is certainly going to be a struggle, but will also give me much more time to do the writings, like I am doing here. Hopefully I can start to pick up some more freelance work, but we’ll have to wait and see. The future doesn’t look very bright in Hull at the moment, and I think me and the little lady might be considering moving further south in the not too distant future.

The fact of the matter is, I can see Hull really falling behind with the new wave of cuts our Tory overloads are ushering in. The council is already shedding jobs, money for schools is being cut and, much as anyone is loathe to admit it, the south-east bias is still remarkably strong in this country .

It’s a shame, because for all of its faults, where I live is cheap and pleasant. I know the butcher, I know the people in the bakery and the deli, it’s a little community and I really like living here. And it’s cheap. Did I mention that? God is it cheap.

Anyway, I might have something exciting to say in the future, but I might not. Until then.